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Using a remote workforce may seem scary at first. This is because it seems like it is difficult to communicate with a team when people are not reporting to a central location. However, some tips adjust an in-person to a remote workforce. 


The main thing that managers need to be aware of when transitioning to a remote workforce is that their team needs support. Some employees that are switching to remote work have worked in an office their whole lives. These employees are going to need support in terms of communication and the work itself. 


One way to provide support to employees is to check-in daily. This is a great way to ensure that productivity is up to standards and that employees are feeling comfortable. This is also a great way to troubleshoot problems as they arise instead of letting them build up until a meeting occurs. These meetings may take place over an individual phone call or small team phone calls. Your employees will feel great knowing that they have your attention every day. 


Additionally, you must open up different channels of communication. These channels include email, video conferencing, and traditional phone calls. Some companies also want to use an outside system like Slack to streamline all communication. This is a great pool if the team is worried about managing multiple different communication channels. The power of video should not be overlooked when communicating with the team. Seeing each other’s faces is a great way to boost morale and feel connected as a team. 


Lastly, it is important to set rules and expectations. It can be difficult for employees to be productive in a home environment. That is why expectations have to be clear from the beginning so that employees do not feel blindsided when they meet with you. Tell employees that you’ll be checking in and need a report every day. This is a great way to ensure that you are being transparent with your expectations and that the team members are doing their best work. 


Don’t be afraid to thank your employees for adapting their workstyle. This is a total shift, and they deserve to be rewarded for working hard and stepping up to the challenge of remote work!