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It’s your job to tell the world about your small business, which is why marketing is so important. While it’s a great thing if you have friends willing to support you with word of mouth, that’s not going to be enough. Why rely on others to represent your business for you when you can invest a little time and energy into putting your best foot forward? 


So what is your business about? How do you explain that to potential customers? And how do you reach them?


This is where marketing your small business happens.


Let’s break in to some actionable tips to get you started!


Write a Brand Mission Statement


Your brand mission statement will be used as a guide in every other marketing decision you make, so do take the time to do this. It won’t take as long or be as scary as it sounds. Start by getting out a piece of paper and free writing for ten minutes. Answer some questions about your business. For example, who is your target market? Who is your competition, and what makes your business different? What value do you offer your customers?


Establish Your Business Online


This combines a few actions in one tip. Establishing your business online will involve setting up your website and all of your social media accounts. Preferably, these accounts and your domain will have the same name. This will make it easier for your customers to identify you and help with brand consistency.


Your accounts and your website may serve different content to be unique to the platforms, but should keep a uniform look and voice as they represent your brand.


Keep in mind that customers today expect to be able to find you on social media and through an online search. Skipping your website or social media is a mistake.


When you go to establish your business online, also take a moment to establish this as part of your business life now. Create a schedule for yourself so you know when you are posting where. What types of content are you posting? Every time you go to post, make sure the content you’re delivering to your customers serves them value that speaks to your brand.


Use Google My Business


Set your business up on Google My Business (also known as GMB). This is free. This is especially important to do for local businesses, but online businesses can benefit from this as well.


Network In Your Community


Bring your business card with you everywhere you go. Join local online forums and groups on Facebook. Don’t spam these groups. You aren’t in there only to shout about your business. You are there to be present and to network. Focus on building connections with people who may become customers or who may be other business owners you can do joint promotions with in the future. By networking, you are expanding your personal reach, and therefore the reach of your business.