Joe Shew is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency investment mentors, creating various programs and online products for safely building wealth in the space.

He’s helped thousands of day to day investors create 6, 7 and even 8-figures in profits and tens of thousands of investors have seen his work, globally.

Having been an investor since the age of 12 and scaled personal investments into the millions, he’s able to give a rare behind-the-scenes look across every pillar of investing as a true mentor who’s actually “been there and done that.”

Joe’s company, Crypto Consulting Institute, is recognised as the #1 crypto education business in Australia and New Zealand on TrustPilot and he’s been selected by Blockchain Australia as a finalist across Blockchain education company, Leader and Community Leader of the year in 2023!

He’s spoken at many major events across the world from Blockchain Week Sydney, Philippines, Bitcoin & Blockchain in Melbourne, Barclays Bank in London, been featured on Channel 10, Nine, Dollars with Sense TV and had various articles published on major online channels like NASDAQ. He’s also been on numerous documentaries and podcasts with some of the biggest names in crypto.

12 YEAr OLD investor

When I was 12, I saw my dad’s health suffer as he worked three jobs to improve our family’s financial situation. This experience taught me the importance of making money work for you, a lesson echoed by investing legends like Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki. Inspired by this, I began my investing career at the age of 12, using profits from small school businesses to buy stocks in the London Stock Exchange, despite my initial lack of knowledge. This early journey set the stage for my financial education and future endeavors.


After achieving a First Class with Honours Finance degree from a London university through the time of the global financial crisis, Joe applied his theoretical skills by investing money generated from a personal training company to purchase undervalued banking stocks at the peak of the bear market in 2009. 

This enabled Joe to follow my dream of living in ski towns Banff and Whistler for the next 2 years, having fun and planning my next big move…. Robert Half International.


Over the next 3.5 years Joe developed a career at Robert Half, a multi-billion dollar consulting firm, listed on the New York stock exchange.

Here he was promoted to division manager and recognized as a Top 10 Global Performer, receiving an award in Las Vegas from the Vice President. At that point he had been managing a sizable stock portfolio on the side, but everything changed when Joe encountered Bitcoin in May 2014. Despite initial scepticism in the mainstream media, he sought out a Bitcoin expert to help navigate the cryptocurrency world.


Joe plunged headfirst into crypto, applying his stock market knowledge, research and self-developed strategies. Despite encountering numerous hurdles and learning lessons, he eventually cracked the crypto code and began seeing massive positive results, marking the end of his time at Robert Half and the start of a new chapter in the decentralised world!


In late 2016, friends began questioning my unconventional lifestyle, which involved extensive travel and not seeming to work. This prompted me to embark on a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. During this retreat, I deeply contemplated the legacy I wanted to leave in my life, the impact I desired to have, and my life’s purpose. After 10 days of intensive meditation, I emerged with a clear vision, leading to the inception of Crypto Consulting Institute.

Mind - Body - Soul

One thing Joe has identified over the years is pushing himself in every area of his life keeps him growing, balanced and is directly transferable to his investing and helping personal crypto clients expand, too.

From family life to world travel, Ironman, bodybuilding and Muay Thai and Vipassana meditation retreats and plant based medicine, Joe’s pushed to self discovery limits.

Blockchain Australia Finalist Across 3 Sections

Crypto Consulting Institute and Joe were recognised by the Blockchain governing body, Blockchain Australia as best cryptocurrency education company, blockchain leader and community leader of 2023!