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Joe Shew


Partner and Chief Operating Officer at R&R Global Partners

About Joe Shew


Natural-born leaders are difficult to find. Leaders and entrepreneurs who have the drive, passion, and an innate desire to elevate others while achieving their goals are rarer. Joe Shew possesses these qualities in droves and has over three decades of experience, executive-level positions at world-renowned companies, and many years of charitable work to prove it. As Partner and COO of R&R Global Partners, Joe knows what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University, Joe Shew never let limits or obstacles get in his way. His quality education gave him a base with which to start a rewarding career that continues to reach new heights, year after year. Joe’s experience in management began with a position at Price Waterhouse, an organization dedicated to delivering audit, financial and consulting services to businesses. This sparked a lifelong goal to help other entrepreneurs through his expertise in the finance industry.

While Joe found his work with Price Waterhouse rewarding, it was time to move on and further his career. Over the next 4 years, Joe used his financial acumen and skills with The Walt Disney Company, specifically focusing on mergers and acquisitions. His most impactful achievement included leading the financial due diligence and purchase accounting during the $19 billion merger and acquisition of ABC.

Having been so successful working for other companies, Joe Shew wanted to venture out on his own. As a result, R&R Global Partners was born. Over the past years, Joe and his partners have built the company from the ground up into one of the most successful financial firms in the Bryn Mawr, PA area. His vision of helping others while establishing himself as an entrepreneur has materialized through his dedication to his firm.

On a day-to-day basis, R&R Global Partners advises entrepreneurs, business owners, and private equity firms who are in need of the expertise Joe possesses in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, forecasting, or capital raising. When Joe isn’t helping established businesses and entrepreneurs, he can be found helping those who need a little extra help getting back into the field.

Outside of work, Joe consistently sets aside time to help charitable causes in which he strongly believes. To date, he has furthered the cause and awareness of the Boys & Girls Club and breast cancer research. In addition, Joe makes it a point to partner with career development centers to help provide up and coming business men and women learn the skills they need to achieve their goals.

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